Gyeongnam Art Museum



  • Period 2019-05-30 ~ 2019-08-18
  • Venue 도립미술관 1,2층 전시실
  • Artist

The exhibition "Space Exploration" newly approaches the diversity of space through the language of art. It covers a freedom of not guarding against fragmentary or abstract images about the aesthetics provided by space, particularly physical spaces like human-centered residential areas, communication-centered telecommunication spaces like social networking services, and unrealistic virtual expanses created by the imagination.

Every individual recognizes space in his or her own way. Depending on what values are connoted, space can have a very broad definition; it can mean individuals' psychological realms regarding the spaces we live in, a fluid and subjective ambit accompanying various emotions, and the intangible world of imagination beyond awareness, as well as simply space as a physical concept objects occupy.

The established concept of space seen from a physical perspective mainly signified Euclidean space, in which distance, length and angles are expanded into an expanse of a discretionary dimension through the introduction of a coordinate system. However, the concept of Minkowski space, which holds that even such physical spaces have their own temporal dimensions, was added to give the concept of space multilateral expression through its expansion into phenomenological room constructed by human awareness.

As human imagination becomes richer, exploration and expressions of new expanses are growing more diverse, like how physical space and time combine to move beyond still space and combine with light waves to create new space.

Accordingly, new spaces are being created by escaping still physical spaces and combining with elements of differing dimensions, such as time flow or light waves, and exploration and expression of such new spaces are growing more diverse as human imagination becomes richer. Therefore, creating new spaces for our lives to occupy in the future based on the spaces of life we have been living in is one of contemporary art's important roles.

In this sense, the exhibition "Space Exploration" will be a refreshing opportunity for pedestrian daily life to be newly colored as visitors alternatively explore spaces in artists' awarenesses and spaces existing in the modern person's consciousness, through work by artists living in the current era.