Education Programs

Gyeongnam Art Museum


GAM aims for multidisciplinary convergence education that can be shared with people of different generations.
Through educational and cultural programs linked to exhibitions, such as arts and human?ities lectures, and artist talks.
GAM provides a place for sharing culture where space, artwork, and people can relate directly to each other.
GAM also actively shares new knowledge and discourse with the public by holding academic events such as international symposiums and round tables.

· Programs for Adult
GAM operates audience-oriented educational programs to expand the art culture and inspire participants to look more closely and understand better the art objects they view. The audiences we serve include adults, college students, office workers and housewives.

· Programs for Children and Teenagers
GAM creates programs to help kindergarten and lower grade elementary school children build their creativity and imagination during their vacation through opportunities to appreciate artworks and draw pictures. And GAM operates educational programs for strengthening the linkage between museums and public education sites and enhances communication with arts for school teachers, school groups and teens.

· Discuss the Exhibition
GAM operates programs to communicate with the public via lectures, talks, research meetings and workshops based on exhibitions.

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