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Gyeongnam Art Museum collects
and preserves 1,372 collections
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Donation Guide

The Gyeongnam Art Museum aims to contribute to the establishment of Gyeongnam art history and the promotion of local culture through the collection, preservation, and research of valuable art heritages.

The collections collected through donation are thoroughly preserved and disclosed to the residents as exhibitions and materials of the museum.
The donation of the work will be finalized through the following procedure. (The donation review will be held once or twice a year)

  • Application and receipt for donation

    The person in charge of donating at the institute. 055-254-4633 ars001@korea.kr
  • A work recommendation committee

    Resolution of deliberation on works subject to recommendation and the first decision on the value of works
  • The work review committee

    Resolution of deliberation on the work subject to purchase and final decision on the value of the work