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Gyeongsangnam-do Traffic Network Map
Gimhae International Airport and Sacheon Airport
International ports (Busan Port, Gwangyang Port, and Masan Port)
Traffic Network
7 stations in expressway and 2 stations in KTX (Korea Train eXpress)
Industrial Complex
4,874 companies residing in 7 national industrial complexes and 158 General industrial complexes
Economic Zone
2 Free Economic Zones, 2 Foreign Investment Zones, and 1 Free Trade Zone

As of December 2012

Gyeongnam information table
Population 3.334 million (As of December 2013)
※ Number of foreigners registered: 69,126
Area 10,535㎢ (10.5% of Republic of Korea)
(Gross Regional
Domestic Product)
KRW 95 trillion and 634.5 billion (the 3rd highest GRDP among all provinces of the Republic of Korea)
GRDP per capital USD 26,134 (the 6th highest rate among all provinces of the Republic of Korea)
Economically active population 1.653 million (6.4% of entire economically active population in the Republic of Korea)
Total Enterprises / Number of Employees 242,123 Enterprises / 1,250,462 Employees
Trade Balance
  • Export: USD 51.9 billion (9.3% of entire export of the Republic of Korea)
  • Import: USD 28.5 billion (5.5% of the entire import of the Republic of Korea)
Foreign-Invested Company
  • 200 Companies
  • Number of Employees: 28,762 / Production: USD 34.991 million
  • Export: 20,724 million
Turnover of manufacturing industry : KRW 155 trillion / Turnover of entire industries in Gyeongsangnam-do : KRW 267 trillion

Major Industrial Complexes

Changwon Nammun Foreign Investment Zone / Within the Busan Jinhae Free Economic Zone

Bird's eye view

Apartments / Single Houses / Shops / Commercial Facilities / Offices / Gas station / Religious Facilities / Industrial Facilities / School / Public Offices / Park / Green area
  • Location : Nammun-dong, Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si
  • Area : 134,532㎡ (71,368㎡ and additional 63,164㎡)
  • Residing Industries : Mechatronics, Automobile Components, Shipbuilding Materials Industry, Machineries
  • Qualification for Residence : Foreign-Invested Company (over 30% of shares in joint)
  • Residence Conditions : 5 minutes to Busan New Port, 30 minutes to Gimhae Airport and 20 minutes to Garak Interchange in Namhae Expressway
    ※ Tsubakimoto Automotive Korea and Sondex Korea residing.

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