About GAM

Gyeongnam Art Museum


Gyeongnam Art Museum(GAM)

was inaugurated in 2004 by Gyeongnam Provincial Government as a symbol of the region’s cultural development in the twenty-first century. Located in the city of Changwon, the museum covers an area of 25,161.4 square meters, of which 8,930.7 square meters spans in one basement floor and four ground floors with three museum storage facilities, five exhibition halls, library, workshop spaces, cafeteria, and offices. GAM provides diverse exhibition and education programs with a goal to achieve interactive learning, based on the understanding of complexities of contemporary art and research on the relationship between art and society. In addition, the museum strives to highlight the characteristics of art in the Gyeongnam region by collecting significant modern and contemporary artworks and organizing exhibi?tions that focus on the region. GAM aims to form a consensus among citizens through its continuous and diverse artistic programs with a focus on the authentic characteristics of the Gyeongnam region. In order to realize the aim, the museum will facilitate the encounter and exchange among its staff, stakeholders, and visitors. The museum’s active and continuous artistic attempts will allow us to acquire a new aesthetic sensibility that we have not experienced before. As a public museum dedicated to the cultural development of the region, GAM would like to invite you to the making of a new world of aesthetic sensibilities.