About GAM

Gyeongnam Art Museum


전시실에 한 벽면에 그림을 그리고 있는 모습

GAM collects artworks that illuminate the change of times and people’s lives. Such artworks are cultural heritages and valuable resources for art historical research. The museum is systematically classifying and preserving its collection and archive for future generations.

전시실에 전시중이 미술작품 들 모습

Research and study are essential for every activity of the museum. GAM has been analyzing its collection and archive, building an independent art history of the Gyeongnam region. Further, the museum conducts continuous research on new artistic trends and a multitude of contemporary discourses.

아래에서 바라보는 도립미술관 복도 앞 유리창 모습

GAM organizes exhibitions to discover and research art in the Gyeongnam region as well as to introduce diverse and new artistic trends and discourses at home and abroad. The exhibition program focuses on the museum’s collection, artists in the region, modern and contemporary Korean art, and international contemporary art.

전시실에 어린이 단체가 설명을 듣는 모습
Educational and Cultural Programs

GAM aims for multidisciplinary convergence education that can be shared with people of different generations. Through educational and cultural programs linked to exhibitions, such as arts and human?ities lectures, and artist talks, GAM provides a place for sharing culture where space, artwork, and people can relate directly to each other. GAM also actively shares new knowledge and discourse with the public by holding academic events such as international symposiums and round tables.

전시실에 각종 전시 및 영상 전시 모습
International Exchange

GAM is dedicated to raising the international awareness of the museum through all of its programs. The museum actively supports mutual exchanges with diverse institutions in Korea and overseas, introduc?ing different local and global artistic trends to the region and promoting awareness of Korean and Gyeongnam art in the international art scene. In addition, the museum also promotes its international image and seeks to find its direction from an international perspective.


GAM produces various publications on its exhibitions and programs. Through exhibition catalogues, academic journals, and newsletters, the museum creates a database of its activities and share it with the public.