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The mascot, an important element of the Gyeongnam Provincial Museum of Art, is the representative symbol, which is key of all kinds of visual communication, showing the image of the Gyeongnam Provincial Museum of Art in Korea and abroad.
The shape and colors of the mascot shall not be randomly changed for the consistency of the image. One shall be very careful to accurately express the mascot in accordance with the application requirements described in these regulations.

Standard Type
  • 경남도립미술관 마스코트 기본형
  • 경남도립미술관 마스코트 기본형 그리드타입
Application Type
  • 경남도립미술관 마스코트 활용형
  • 경남도립미술관 마스코트 활용형 그리드타입

The ‘Dance of Wind’, the work created by the artist Leonard Urso, in the Gyeongnam Sculpture Symposium as the Sculpture Park Project of the Gyeongnam Provincial Museum of Art in 2003, was designated as the mascot, thus making the citizens feel friendly toward the Gyeongnam Provincial Museum of Art.

  • Title: Dance of Wind
  • Artist: Leonard Urso
  • Materials: Bronze
  • Technique: Repoussé
  • Description :
    • The ‘Dance of Wind’ expresses the spirits of a man and a woman.
    • Like the winds and tides in nature, humans are always changed.
    • The ‘Dance of Wind’ far bigger than a human is made with bronze, using both ancient and contemporary techniques.
    • It is the biggest bronze sculpture self-standing bronze sculpture.

Program Character

The program character was developed to become closer to the public with a friendly image, maximizing the educational function of the Gyeongnam Provincial Museum of Art.
The logotype of the program character mixes Korean and English. Korean or English logotypes can be independently used, depending on the characteristics of the application subjects.
When using the logotype for educational programs for children, the logotype in CD-ROM shall be reduced or enlarged depending on the application.

  • 경남도립미술관 프로그램 캐릭터 심볼마크

    Symbol Mark

  • 경남도립미술관 프로그램 캐릭터 로고타입


  • 경남도립미술관프로그램 캐릭터 시그니춰