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Facilities & Applications

Facilities & Applications

The fixtures play an important role expressing the image of the Gyeongnam Provincial Museum of Art, as well as guiding visitors in each facility.
The fixtures and goods are designed using the pictogram and graphic characters in consideration of the general identity of the Gyeongnam Provincial Museum of Art.
The fixtures and goods can be produced with various kinds of colors and designs, and the size and proportion can be adjusted, depending on the specification of manufacturing.

  • 편의시설 및 층별안내 시설물

    Convenience Facilities / Floor Guide

  • 배너 시설물


  • 안내 의복


  • 쇼핑백 앞 뒤 모습

    Shopping Bag

Key holders, paper cups, and mugs can be widely used to promote the image of the Gyeongnam Provincial Museum of Art because they can be used by the employees of the Gyeongnam Provincial Museum of Art.
A speaker can have a very delicate influence on the building, as it the most frequently used item by visitors.
Various applications are available referring to colors.

  • 키홀더 제품 모습

    Key Holder

  •  머그컵 제품 모습


  • 종이컵 제품 모습

    Paper Cup

The vehicle for working or delivering historic relics can be moving advertisement as it is extensively exposed to the public. Accordingly, it shall be kept maintained and clean all times. For production, the vehicle shall be presented in accordance with the colors and design instructions described below. Various methods including silk screen, color film, and urethane coating can be applied, depending on the conditions of production.
Graphic image can be printed on white adhesive fil , depending on the conditions and application.

  •  운반차량 측면 모습

    Side of Truck

  • 운반차량 전면 및 후면 모습

    Front/ Back of Truck