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Guide to Gyeongnam Tour - Click on the districts to see tourism information in each regions.
Gyeongsangnam-do's map Geochang(nwe window) Hamyang(nwe window) Hapcheon(nwe window) Changnyeong(nwe window) Miryang(nwe window) Yangsan(nwe window) Sancheong(nwe window) Uiryeong(nwe window) Haman(nwe window) Hadong(nwe window) Jinju(nwe window) Changwon(nwe window) Gimhae(nwe window) Sacheon(nwe window) Goseong(nwe window) Namhae(nwe window) Tongyeong(nwe window) Geoje(nwe window)
Tour Information Call. 1330 Korea Travel Hotline
  • Information provided 24 hours a day in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese.
  • Korea Travel Phone: 1330
  • Mobile Phone: area code + 1330
  • From abroad: + 82 - area code – 1330

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