Related Information

Related Information

Nationality and Refugee Division of the Korea Immigration Service provides services in questions related the acquisition and lose of nationality, please contact the relevant divisions below.

  • Registration: Office of Court Administration, Real Estate Registration Office
  • Family Registration: Office of Court Administration, Family Relations Registration Office
  • Tax: National Tax Service, Public Service Center
  • Labor: Ministry of Employment and Labor, Labor Policy Division
  • Foreign Exchange Transaction: Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Planning and Coordination Office
  • Real Estate: Ministry of Land, Land Policy Division
  • School: Ministry of Education, Division of School Policy
  • Passport: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Passport Division
  • Permanent Residency: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Overseas Korean Nationals Protection and Crisis Management Division
  • Medical Insurance: Ministry of Health and Welfare, Division of Health Insurance Policy (Tel 129)
  • Resident Registration: Ministry of Security and Public Administration, Resident Service Division
  • Legal Structure: Korea Legal Aid Corporation, ARS Counsel (132)

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