Daily Life Support for Foreigners

Multicultural Family Support Centers

The Multicultural Family Support Centers were established to help marriage immigrants and their families to successfully settle in Korea. There are a total of 210 Multicultural Family Support Centers being operated in Korea. The Centers provide Korean language education for marriage immigrants, education on multicultural understanding, education for families, counseling for individuals and families, employment and business start-up support services, and translation and interpretation services. The Centers also operate bilingual classes and services for language development support (support for Korean language education) for the children of marriage immigrants.
Multicultural Family Support Centers
  • Multicultural Family Support Centers are locally operated. The Centers are open from 09:00 to 18:00 during weekdays.
  • As of 2010, a total of 210 Centers are being operated across the nation.
  • ˜Ž Call 1577-5432 to contact the nearest Multicultural Family Support Center.

Korea Migrants€™ Center

How to Use the Programs
  • The Center is open from 09:00 to 18:00 during weekdays, and some educational programs are operated on Sundays.
  • For information and counseling in multiple languages, call the Migrants€™ Help-line(1644-0644).
  • For help, call 1644-0644 on Sundays (13:00 ~ 19:00) and weekdays, and 02-6900-8000 on Saturdays.
Support Centers for Gyeongnam Foreign Workers and Others
(A) Gyeongnam Migrant Community Service Center (˜Ž055-277-8779)

The Gyeongnam Migrant Community Service Center consists of one basement and 6 floors. It is equipped with complex functions as an educational and cultural facility for the immigrants such as a room for consultation and legal support, relaxation room, classrooms for Hangul and computer, medical treatment rooms with western and eastern medicine and dentists, beauty shops, and multicultural children€™s library. It is expected to not only present the beauty and positiveness of the multicultural society to the local community as a representative gathering space for the immigrants but also to play a central role of multicultural education for the future generation.

  • (641-773) 30, Sahwa-ro18beon-gil, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • For Counseling: 055-237(277)-8779 Fax 055-277-8744
  • Homepage: http://www.mworker.or.kr
  • Multicultural children€™s library: 055-256-8779, http://www.mlibrary.or.kr
  • Email: gmwco@hanmail.net
Gyeongnam Immigrant Residents Social Center
Gyeongnam Immigrant Residents
Social Center
(B) Masan Foreign Workers€™ Support Center (˜Ž055-253-5270)

The center has developed various counseling programs, education programs, cultural events and regular medical support programs to ensure the rights of foreign workers and to improve their welfare. For foreign workers’ social integration, the center also carries out residence support programs to support the locals and foreigners overcome the cultural differences.

  • (631-442) 203, 3·15-daero, Masanhappo-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • For Counseling: 055-253-5270~2 Fax 055-253-5276
  • Homepage: http://www.mfwc.or.kr
  • Email: mfwc@mfwc.or.kr
(C) Gimhae Foreign Workers€™ Support Center (˜Ž055-337-2727)

As a multipurpose facility in total area of 1,515.059㎡ on 6th and 7th floors, the center has executed MOUs in cooperation with 15 different countries. The center is equipped with multipurpose facilities such as counseling room, in-depth counseling room, Hangul and Korean cultural classrooms, computer room, free beauty salon, data search board, waiting room for teachers, and multicultural library with visual and audio data as well as books from abroad for counseling and educating foreign workers in Korea.

  • (621-030) 81, Garak-ro, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Homepage: http://www.gimhaekorea.or.kr Fax 055-338-1630
weekend consulation
weekend consulation

Websites with Support for Multiple Languages

In virtue of the highly advance ICT networks of Korea, foreign immigrants are provided access to information on life in Korea through websites, and can use cyber educational programs such as Korean language programs and Korean culture education. The websites operated by the organizations below are very useful for they support multiple languages.

Websites with Support for Multiple Languages Address,Services,Organizer:Websites with Support for Multiple Languages
Websites Address Organizer Services
Multicultural Family Support Portal Site www.liveinkorea.kr The Central Office for Multicultural Family Support Centers Korean language education and guide to life in Korea, integrated multicultural family support service including multilingual news
korea.net korea.net Korean Culture and Information Service Official website of Korea
KBS World News world.kbs.co.kr KBS World Multicultural news, cultural programs and entertainment programs
Broadcasting Services for Immigrants www.mntv.net Korea Migrants€™ Center News in multiple languages and Korean, in everyday life
e-Learning Services for Multicultural Families www.hikorea.go.kr/ Korea Digital University Korean language education
Korea Migrants€™ Center www.migrantok.org Korea Migrants€™ Center Counseling and education information
Hi Korea www.hikorea.go.kr Ministry of Justice Online applications for services of the Ministry of Justice, including reservations,reentry permit, and visa extension
Mango Net www.mangonet.kr Window to Asia Community services for marriage immigrants, including information on education, healthcare and employment
korea sparkling www.visitkorea.or.kr Korea Tourism Organizatio Information on tourist destinations and festivals of Korea

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