Consumption life

Household Economy

Monetary Value

In Korea, we use coins (KRW 10, KRW 50, KRW 100 and KRW 500) and paper money (KRW 1,000, KRW 5,000, KRW 10,000 and KRW 50,000). Bank checks with a value of KRW 100,000 or higher are also widely used.


  • Sip Won
    KRW 10 (Sip Won)
  • Oh-Sip Won
    KRW 50 (Oh-Sip Won)
  • Baek Won
    KRW 100 (Baek Won)
  • Oh-Baek Won
    KRW 500 (Oh-Baek Won)

Paper Money

  • Cheon Won
    KRW 1,000 (Cheon Won)
  • Oh-Cheon Won
    KRW 5,000 (Oh-Cheon Won)
  • Man Won
    KRW 10,000 (Man Won)
  • Oh-Man Won
    KRW 50,000 (Oh-Man Won)
  • Sip-Man Won
    KRW 100,000 (Sip-Man Won)

※ (Bank checks with a value of KRW 100,000 are widely used, and are as readily accepted as cash. To use a check, present the check with your ID card, and endorse (sign) the back of the check.)

Consider what we can buy with KRW 1,000, KRW 5,000, KRW 10,000 and KRW 50,000. Now, compare the value of Korean won with the currency of your mother country, andcompare the consumer prices in Korea.

Useful Information-What can we buy?

  • It costs KRW 300 or KRW 500 to buy a cup of coffee from a vending machine.
  • We can buy a bag of snack food or an ice cream cone at a supermarket with KRW 1,000.
  • We can have a meal such as baekban, bibimbap or naengmyeon at a restaurant with KRW 5,000, and buy 600g of pork with KRW 10,000.
  • We can buy 20kg of rice with KRW 50,000.

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