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Geobukseon - The military vessel in complete invincibility

If any Korean is asked of what the turtle ship was, who made it, and how does it look, everyone should know all the answers.

Our image of the turtle ship would be close to the following descriptions: The ship that the Yi sun-shin who saved Joseon from the national crisis of the Imjin War, the largest war in East Asia in the 16th century; the first steel covered ship in the world with the wisdom of Korean people; the military vessel with fire coming out of its mouth with the sharp needle and steel cover on the back in complete invincibility.

In fact, this type of image of the turtle ship was seen in the bills, coins, pictures and others in the past, and it is still found in souvenirs of tourist attractions, reduced model in museums, actual sized ship in the Naval Academy and others to reproduce in expanded images today.

However, the academic circles have yet to formulate any conclusion stipulated for the original shape of the turtle ship that was used at the time of Imjin War. From the time of Japanese colonization to the present day, there were tens of scholars and researchers analyze the data and present the design drawings of the turtle ship, but they have yet to describe all the questions on the turtle ship.

In the recent time, as a part of the 'Yi sun-shin Project', one of the 20 major provincial projects that Gyeongsangnam-do intensely promotes, the turtle ship finding project has been undertaken, and a few local governments have undertaken the projects related to Yi sun-shin along with the gradual increase in the interests on the turtle ship.