History may be the mirror to shed the light on the present through the past and see through the future. There is more to see Yi sun-shin with his outstanding accomplishment as a general and strategist. His outstanding leadership was clearly shown in his mentality of anticipating the war in advance and preparing for hard times, innovative posture to 'create something from nothing', will for reform with the bold breakthrough for customs, process of generating opinions through consultation and discussion with his subordinate generals.

In particular, in spite of very poor circumstances, Yi sun-shin overcame all types of hardship and made the victory with his super-human leadership.

Today, Yi sun-shin is the power to move Koreans in the 21st century. If some foreigner comes to Korea and randomly pick a person on the street and ask who is the greatest man in the history of Korea, at least one out of three Koreans would answer that it is Yi sun-shin. There are not many persons who asserted more powerful influence in the lives of Koreans in Korea as much as Yi sun-shin.

Undefeated Leadership

Numerous business men and public officials in Korea go through the management seminar in CEO Yi sun-shin, they would learn a variety of ways to overcome the economic situation of Korea with relatively poor resources in between the super powers of the 21st century China and Japan.
In colleges, there are many leadership programs of Yi sun-shin to bring courage and confidence to college students who prepare to gain employment. As such, the leadership of Admiral Yi sun-shin undertakes the role of lighthouse that presents the ways to go toward the future for agonizing employees and wandering college students. They take the leadership of Chungmugong Yi sun-shin as the role model, and take on the serious posture in life for the well-being of nation and people with farther out and more in-depth way of thinking rather than to live day-to-day affairs.