What is the Imjin War?

Seven years of war! Imjin War
The Imjin War broke out when Japan invaded Joseon dynasty for two times from 1592 (25th year of King Seonjo) to 1598.
The first invasion occurred in the year of Imjin that it was called Imjinwaeran and the second invasion occurred in the year of Jeongyu that it was called Jeongyujaeran, and in general, Imjinwaeran is referred to with the inclusion of Jeongyujaeran.

The Imjin War is the war provoked by Japan with its planned and illegally invaded of Joseon Dynasty.For Korea, it was a simple local war fighting against the invasion of foreign force, but this war had the characteristics of international war for it involved the parties to the war in Joseon and Japan as well as Ming Dynasty with all the military forces and weaponry system mobilized.

With this war, the three East Asian countries were inflicted with vast damages without anyone came out on top as winner or loser, and they all had substantial change thereafter. Japan had the Toyotomi regime collapsed with the emergence of Tokugawa, and Ming Dynasty had gradual decline from the aftermath of the war and eventually the Yeojin would gain the power on the continent. In particular, the Joseon Dynasty had the war for seven years in the Korean Peninsula that the land had become barren and numerous human casualties. Consequently, the Joseon Dynasty had the immense changes throughout its political, social, economic and cultural aspects.